Our ideas at your service

Are you a café or restaurant owner?

Your customers’ happiness is the most important thing for you. And what makes one happier than a good gelato? Well, we got you covered. With our service, you get:

  • the full range of our products, from the classic Gelato Sticks to the Cups, from the refreshing Fruit Pops to the creative Minis;
  • a showcase freezer where you can store the products (maintenance and cleaning routine included!);
  • replenishment managed by our team;
  • menu, stands and other kinds of marketing material.

We will take care of every single detail: all you have to do is enjoy the smiling faces of your clients.

Our strong suit is your satisfaction

You’re not the only one who cares about the happiness of his clients: we do too, and we are going to prove it.

Our Gelato products are all about freshness, quality and taste, while our service is all about flexibility and customization. We aim at satisfying your needs and wishes, whether you want to widen the offer for the customers of your restaurant or you are about to throw a private party.

Are you looking for a convenient way to broaden your dessert menu? Our supplying method doesn’t require any initial investment: you’re only going to pay for what you sell.

Do you have a special request for a gelato flavor to serve at your wedding? Ask us, and we’ll create it for you.

It can’t get cooler than this!

Services - Leoni Gelato

Get the party started!

If you’re wondering how to celebrate a special occasion in the best possible way, gelato is always the answer, and Leoni can help you with that. We will:

  • bring your preferred Gelato Sticks, Cups and Fruit Pops to the party;
  • provide you with everything you need for your guests to enjoy them (showcase, stands and more);
  • allow your celebration to be sweeter than ever!

But we can even go beyond and make your gelato dreams come true with unique, personalized flavors. Whatever your special request is, we will do our best to satisfy it in perfect Leoni’s style: with the freshest, tastiest ingredients and all of our expertise.

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