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Gelato made in Bali

Produced with locally sourced premium ingredients, pasteurized fresh milk and ripe fruit, no coloring nor preservative. Low fat and low sugar, but high in pleasure!

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Halal Indonesia (small)
Favorite - Gelato


Favorite - Sorbetto


Favorite - Dessert


Fresh is our motto

Fresh Milk

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Ideas

Gelato Stick

Gelato or fruit sorbet on a stick, perfect if you’re craving something sweet and fun in the hottest days. Made with the freshest and finest ingredients to meet your taste with a treat that is both healthy and refreshing. Selected flavors are vegan and gluten free!

Sorbetto Stick

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What about gelato dessert served in a cup? We created five unique flavors that will tickle your appetite. All of them have no coloring nor preservative and are low in fat and sugar… but so tasty! All you have to do is pick one and enjoy.